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It's cold as hell today!

Here's a picture of Miyako wearing Saffron's wig and 16mm dark violet EG eyes. I think the look suits her!

At first I didn't know what to think about those eyes. They're a lot darker than I'm used to, but I think they look almost...starlit. I feel peaceful when I look at them ^___^.

I can't wait until our package arrives! I'm having Kristen sell some SD odds and ends on eBay to make up some of the cost. We really need to thin out our accessories. I've been telling myself that if there's anything that I wouldn't cry over if it were lost in a fire, it should probably go. If the stuff I've been overlooking would make someone else happy, why shouldn't I sell it? I have a few family members who have a serious problem with selling things on eBay. I swear, they'd rather lock their unwanted items in a storage crypt for decades than give or sell them to someone else. That's fine with them, but if you're involved in a collecting hobby, at some point you have to develop a revolving door for your possessions. Either that, or you'll end up bankrupt or with a very cluttered house. ^___^;

(still, I can't believe what a neat freak I've become over the years....)

We had fried shrimp curry rice tonight. It was good, but I probably should've put more mushrooms in it.