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Pear Crisp and Tales of Eternia.

Kristen made pear crisp for dessert. I had the awesome task of finding her a mixing bowl. Yes, folks, I am capable of cooking as well. But as it is with most things I have motivational problems. =_=

It was warm today. I hope it cools down soon! My parents are going to Cape Cod for the weekend for my mother's birthday. I hear it's going to be 50 degrees and rainy. ::snickers:: Well, if it were up to me that wouldn't make for a terrible vacation but they'll have to do a lot of shopping.

The autumn is kind of hectic with birthdays in my family. My older brother's was September 25, my mother's in October 9 and my (and Kristen's) is October 14. By the time the 14th rolls around nobody wants cake or anything. =_= And then my younger brother's birthday is December 25, so it's screwed for him as well! ^o^

HLJ has finally processed my order for shipping. That's good because the exchange rate is the best it's been in a year. I remember a time when it was 122 yen to the dollar...sigh...what memories! I ordered 2 Obitsu Slim Male bodies, 2 female bodies, 2 23cm girl bodies and a package of 02 heads. Yes, I always buy things in twos. XD Am I obsessive-compulsive? Not really...

I've been playing for thirteen hours. I lost Keel (fine, you whiny brat, do what you want with your life, see what I care! ::punches him in the stomach:: You're dead to me!) and got Ras in my party. What a scary, pale, bony-faced, big blond haired man! O_O I don't know if he's supposed to be good-looking or whatever but he dresses like a crazy old lady. Plus, he sucks in battle. All he does is run around and occasionally let out weird battle cries. ::sighs:: How anyone can run in those pants is beyond me!

The male characters in this game all need to be pickled in brine. I like Farah and Meredy, though. Sometimes I think I would have an easier time with Japanese if I could just talk like Meredy but if that's the case why not go all out and talk like Shadow from TOP? :D