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I Love Napoleons.

Napoleons are my absolute favorite dessert of all time. The trouble is that it's been hard to find a bakery that sells them! They used to be consistently good at Lyman Orchards but then I have this one memory of a time when I bought one and rather than being many layers of puff pastry and cream it was two layers of sponge cake sandwiching chocolate and vanilla custard. Shock! O_O I hadn't been able to find "normal" Napoleons there ever since. But today I went to Julia's Bakery in Orange and found Napoleons that pretty much fit my ideal. The only odd thing was the blue buttercream flower on the top. Blue is my favorite color, though, and it didn't bother me.

Kristen's and my birthday is on the 14th and I told my mother that rather than buying or making a cake she should just buy two Napoleons and stick candles in them. For as long as I can remember, my brothers have had strawberry shortcake for their birthdays, which I hate and won't eat. This will be my revenge. ^o^

I didn't want to but I ordered some doll bodies from HLJ today. The exchange rate is better than it's been in months! Even if it falls a little by the time the order is processed it would still be better than waiting until it's 100 yen to the dollar or something. =_=

I'm rooting a white A-type head with blue/purple blended hair. It'll be for a C body. I wasn't sure I wanted to do another C boy but it's the only body I have and no other head would match the skin tone. o_o I'll try to do something special with him, make him into an alien prince or something. I'll need to clean out my closet if I want to get at my sewing machine!

We've had cool nights for the past few days. It still feels too warm for October but it's nice!

I am continuing with Tales of Eternia. I've been playing for about nine hours. It's considerably harder than TOP but I haven't resorted to using a FAQ yet. I don't know where it's going to end up on my list o' favorite Tales games but it'll probably rank higher than Rebirth.

On the TOS front, I don't think I hate Regal.