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Sweet Autumn Clematis.

In the fall we planted sweet autumn clematis in our back garden. Kristen says she remembers one of our neighbors growing it when we were kids (and stealing the flowers, ha ha ^o^) but my memory is fuzzy. Flowering vines are usually hit-or-miss with us but it's been doing well and started blooming a few days ago. It's supposed to have a scent but I don't smell anything--yet!

I hear this plant is invasive. ^o^ Well, after all the losses we've suffered over the years, I say, bring it on!

I finally beat Odin in TOP the night before last. ::cracks knuckles:: I was at level 72. I guess all that's left for me before the end is to finish the Morlia Gallery and get Shadow and Pluto. I've been playing for 60 hours. I noticed that many people can beat a game like this in a few days but for me it takes a month. Mwah ha.