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::Sprays Water Everywhere::

Yeah, I had a couple mishaps while using the sprinkler on the front lawn today. Apparently, our street is on the local junior high school's jogging route and the sidewalk got soaked. ::snickers:: Well, then, when the hell am I supposed to water the lawn? o_o The morning and evening has dog walkers and the afternoon has joggers. It's late summer and they should be thanking me!

I played a little TOP tonight. I'm at level 66 and I had my ass kicked on the 17th floor of the Morlia Gallery by two Bigfoots and then I ran out and tried to fight Odin in his tower again and he killed me. Again. I thought I had the upper hand but then he knocked me into a corner and whacked me to death. Blehhh! :p I'm going to get myself up to level 70 before I try anything drastic. And this is extra stuff, too! I found Gremlin Lair for Klarth but it kind of sucks. I guess being mugged by a mob of little green men doesn't hurt that much. o_o

I might go apple-picking tomorrow. The weather should be nice. I want some Galas!