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Late at night playing my childish game.

Late last night I did what I told myself not to do and started playing TOP. I always end up frustrated because when you're tired even the PSX-lowered encounter rate seems like too much. Now I'm having a little trouble because I'm in the elf village Ymir and NO HALF-ELVES ALLOWED so Arche has left my party to wait at the inn. I did see her hiding behind a bush, hee hee. :D I've decided to make peace with Arche because even though she's annoying the game needs her to balance out the less-annoying remaining cast members. So Arche, I'll try not to insult you too much even though it bugs me when you yell "WAI!" at the end of battle like you really don't mean it!

Sooooo...Klarth is jealous of the elves, eh? ^o^ I pointed this out to Kristen and she said "Oh, they mentioned that in the instruction manual." The instruction manual is something I hardly ever read unless I can't figure out how to save or something. I have such a short attention span! ^^;;

Still, I can sympathize with his feelings. I think that if there really were elves in the world that were immortal, magical and superior to humans in every way everyone would hate them! But don't worry, Klarth! They'll never know what it's like to be a sexy almost-30-year-old man! (I'm trying to ignore the fact that he's been majorly sucking in battle lately, I am)

I hate that whenever there's a screen chat I have to either blast the volume or press my ear up against the speaker on my TV in order to make out what the characters are saying. I guess the PSX had limited sound quality. Also, there are no subtitles. I'm a stupid whitey gaijin learning Japanese, I need my subtitles!

I am trying to cut Tales of Symphonia some slack. At least it's not about furries and unrealistic racism, though by this point in Tales of Rebirth I could at least pick out two or three main characters I didn't want to strangle. o_o I especially hate Kratos!