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Stupid Lawn.

Soooo....early this morning our lawn service, which we started using only a year ago because we were tired of our frizzled yellow yard, came to aerate our soil and reseed, an extremely noisy process that took about three hours. They left a pamphlet detailing how we should care for our lawn and promote seed growth, including a handwritten note telling us to please follow the watering instructions for best results.

Okay. They're telling us to water the lawn three times a day, morning, noon and night and to leave the sprinkler on each section for no less than thirty minutes. After two weeks we can cut down to once a day, and after six we can water once or twice a week for an hour for each "zone."

Okay. Okay. OKAY. I'm supposed to be watering our entire lawn THREE TIMES A DAY? I'm supposed to give 3/4 acre of grass (our front yard, side yard, the giant hill in the back and the bottom of the hill) three thirty minute sprinkler sessions within 24 hours? It took me four hours to water the lawn ONCE per their instructions today. They have to be smoking crack. They spent three hours this morning driving holes into our lawn. They must know that we don't have in-ground sprinklers. Also, we are experiencing near-drought conditions in CT. I am sitting here praying for rain to save me from another hike across the yard with the sprinkler hose leaking water all over my jeans.

Oh, but I did see my black kitty friend today. It had been such a long time that I was afraid she had been hit by a car or something. ;_; Boy was I surprised to see her coming across the yard toward me while I was wrestling with the sprinkler! She must have been happy to see me because she licked all over my arm. ^_^;...