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Lovely Sunset.

I've been trying for the past few weeks to take a decent sunset picture and tonight I finally found my chance. Thanks to Kristen for dragging me outside at a moment's notice! ^_^;

It's still hot outside but much drier. Humidity makes for a lousy sunset. I can imagine there will be lots of nice sunsets in the fall but I couldn't wait.

I ordered some books from Amazon.com on the 10th and they took an unusually long time to arrive. And when they did the box was marked "Received Damaged by U.S Postal Service."

O_O...the hell? O_O The box was busted in and two of the books had minor damage to their covers. I am very annoyed. This is the last time I'm using Super Saver Shipping. What did they do, drop a ton of Harry Potter books on them in the warehouse? ::kicks a wall::

Pop'N Music 11 came in today. How long ago did I preorder that? ::scratches head:: They usually have a few characters that strongly resemble existing characters from other series (as well as real people) and how cute, this time there's a character who looks like Howl. :D And another I swear is supposed to be Bjork. ^_^;...Other than that I can't give my impressions on the game because I haven't had time to play it. Later, later!