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Bonding with Saffron.

She's not my doll, but I've found that I've bonded with Saffron. I hope that Kristen feels the same way, too! I put her page up on my website. I didn't try to make her look so distraught, but I think it suits her. she's a nice contrast to the self-satisfied looking Miyako. ^_^ I thought that she could be a faerie who was cast out of her world for being the "runt of the litter." I can see her shivering in the cold, poor little thing! Kristen really should be the one to make up her background, but I presented her with my idea and she said it was fine. Myu is always so cute ^__^! Even though I love Miyako, I do think that Myu is the cutest of the mini SDs. It's no wonder she's so popular, her wig is adorable! She reminds me of a Fairy Field Jenny, or Barbie Excelina.

Even though I told myself I wouldn't spend any more money, I broke down and ordered a pair of Tallina's glass eyes for Anise. I don't know when she'll be in, but I specifically wanted to try 18mm eyes for her, and make her side-glance. I have to do something to make her look different from Saffron, right? I had originally wanted green, but they were out of stock and I ordered light violet instead.

Kristen suggested that we eventually get her a Volks straight hair wig in ivory and cut it in a bob. That way she can look like another Fairy Field Jenny! ^_^ I hope she comes in before the spring.

I've been plugging along with Tales of Destiny 2. I'm clocked at 22 hours right now, and I'm about to leave Hope Town with Nanaly. I'm sure no one wants to hear my babble about this game, and a lot of what I'd like to say would get me lashed for posting spoilers, so....

I didn't know that Nanaly would be from the future! 6_6 I guess that since she and Loni appear in the opening together and are kind of considered a couple I assumed that she's be from Kyle and Loni's time period. I guessed wrong, didn't I? Well, so far she sucks! I think she's fine as a character, and her status screen portrait is pretty cute, but in battle she's frigging awful! I hope this is only temporary!

Her voice sounds a little strange to me. Maybe her seiyuu is performing out of her range? After hearing who played her, I had wondered how it was going to work. Nanaly does sound a little like Utena when she casts spells, but her voice actor seems to be fighting to tone down the boyish squeakiness. ^____^ Maybe squeakiness isn't the right word? I wonder.

Mehh....Judas has turned out to be a good boy after all! Apparently, he can't stop feeling guilty for being such a jackass in TOD 1. He had quite a reaction when Barbatos struck down Woodrow in Heidelberg. Funny, I don't remember Leon and Woodrow being particularly close in the first game. =_= When I first heard about this game I had no idea that he and Loni would be "handcuffing" themselves to Kyle. Loni and Judas seem to always be getting into fights over who loves Kyle more. There's a lot of love going on in this game, folks! Of course, Judas has to be the "bad parent" most of the time, but everything he's said to the other characters, as harsh as it's sounded, has been the Truth. O_O