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Today was hot and I spent a lot of time watering plants! I used the sprinkler to water the lawn. I had a hard time running around it to turn the hose off without getting soaked. Several times. I wouldn't have minded if I weren't wearing glasses. XD And of course, our neighbor from across the street was out in his yard and saw the whole thing. Oh ho ho...I must remember to hold my head high like a queen no matter what. The watering can felt lighter today. My weight-lifting has paid off!

When I go downstairs to use the microwave late at night I like to hunt for books. This time I found a hardcover copy of Prince Valiant that my brother must've just dumped off. Or should I say, "The Extremely Homoerotic Adventures of Prince Valiant with Plenty of Homoerotic Illustrations?" Hwah ha ha ha! I know my brother doesn't read most of the books he tosses in the basement but I wonder if he'd notice if I made this one a part of my permanent library? XD

I did some work on a white-skinned N head I'm rooting with navy blue and silver mesh hair. I have to take it slow because the head is hard as a rock. Usually the white and tanned heads are softer than the normal ones. How weird! After 5 years of rooting I'm finally teaching myself to take it slow and avoid lasting injury. I hope the other heads I have left are squishy!

My mother is taking a vacation the week after next. She says she wants to go out to the movies with Kristen and me but for the life of me I can't figure out what to see. It's a pity that Howl's Moving Castle isn't being shown anywhere near here. It's hard to pick a movie to see with a parent!