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Sunny Sunday.

Today is sunny and warm but for some reason Kristen and I stayed in and watched our DVD of Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. We've had the VHS tape for a while and it was one of our favorite anime movies. We managed to find the anniversary DVD for under $10! ^o^ They don't make anime movies like that any more. I remember the good old days when the usual run-time was 90 minutes as opposed to sixty. ^^

I took some pictures outside in the back yard but only a few came out. I tried to photograph my doll Nathaniel but his white skin seemed to deflect all light. His hair looked nice outside with the hot pink and orange mesh and it was too bad I couldn't capture it on film. =_= I did manage to salvage a picture of Luc. Here he is, looking lost. ^o^

I wonder if I'll ever make a character doll again? I admit they aren't as fun, but maybe if my sewing improves I'll enjoy it more. I certainly can't rope anyone into making outfits like I did with Luc's!