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Long day. =_=

Or maybe it just feels that way because it's cold? Today I ran around with Kristen and my mother to several different stores to buy what seemed like nothing in particular. Well, we went to Michaels to buy Kristen some yarn for an afghan she was planning on making. I tried to find something there that interested me, to no avail. I probably should have picked up some 1/6 scale doll stands, but for some reason the metal ones no longer looked good to me. -__- I guess there's no point to buying doll stands if you have no room for dolls, period. We went to Staples to buy the USB cable, and I "indulged" in two CD racks. ^____^ I wish they came with bigger slots! I have to wonder if they helped eliminate the clutter in my bedroom at all. I have enough normal CDs to fill them both, but I still don't know what to do with all my double case ones. Just stack them up on the bookcase, as usual! ^o^

Then we went grocery shopping. The supermarket was crowded, but I managed to avoid several collisions with other shoppers' carts. And my cart was damn heavy! I think we were all hungry, and we ended up spending a lot more money than we should have. More money than we've ever spent on groceries, I think. I don't know why Mom had to buy two cans of frozen lobster meat, shrimp, and salmon fillets. They weren't on the list! But we were happy to find out that Shaws has started to stock more Asian products. We finally found Panko, those Japanese dry bread crumbs all the cooking magazines talk about! ^o ^ I want to try making coconut shrimp!

I finally broke down and picked up a pint of pistachio ice cream. I've been afraid of that flavor since I was a kid, but I think it'd be nice to try for a change. I'm not a big ice cream eater (a pint can last me and Kristen 5 days) but it sounded like a good idea at the moment. Lots of people like pistachio ice cream, right?

Kristen says that she's having a hard time bonding with Saffron. What can I do about that =_=? She says it's not because of the way I painted her, but I still feel responsible. I think I should make her a dress or something. I keep having fantasies about buying more SDs, and I don't even take care of the ones I have. I don't know if it's because I think I did a bad job making them up or...what? I guess you never can stop dreaming about more SDs; that's part of the illness, right? But I'm not going to allow myself to buy anything else, not for a long time!

Playing more Tales of Destiny 2. I'm really glad I like that game, because I'd hate it if I bought an entire console for a game that ended up sucking. I like it particularly because there doesn't seem to be a hierarchy of characters like there is in a lot of RPGs, especially the ones by Game Arts. You don't ever get a sense that certain characters are more important than the others, and the cast (so far) is pretty well-balanced. I haven't met Nanaly or Harold yet, but right now, with Kyle, Loni, Reala and Judas, everything seems happy ^__^. I think it's nice that although Judas (ahem, considering who he is) has started to reform his personality, he's still basically the same character. I'm sure some people were expecting him to burst into tears and transform into a pathetic angst-boy, but he's still a condescending jerk. Albeit a more vulnerable one. I like him like that! ^_^ I feel like the game is trying to cast a more favorable light on its predecessor, and that does need to be done because it certainly was bad.

Mu mu mu...I wonder if that game's coming out in America? I'd think not, because it's almost full-voice and I'm sure Namco USA is working too hard on bringing Xenosaga over. I saw the preorder for that game on Amazon.com, but I already have an import copy on order from National Console Support ;_;. I've committed to buying the Japanese version, and there's no turning back!

I had better do some doll-related stuff soon! I never have anything interesting to report.