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Lots of precipitation last night. This morning it was cold. I planned on undertaking some ambitious projects, but then that thing struck. That thing that strikes once a month. Need I say more 6_6?

I finally figured out how to switch characters in TOD 2! Would you believe it took me this long? Muu....I switched to using Judas instead of Kyle. I'm not just being a fangirl! I've been finishing battles with much higher grades now that I've been controlling him. His special attacks are great, and I enjoy it when he picks on Loni, because I can't stand that flamey gray-haired freak! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating my hatred for Loni, but I do find him pretty annoying. ^__^ Not to the point where I'd want him to die, but I'm sick of looking at him.

Reala is just too sweet. Whenever I feel like puking from her sugar, I remind myself that at least I'm not playing Grandia, and she's not Feena! She's a cute little big-eyed puppet, but I really don't understand her shoes. They look like they're rubber ballet slippers..eh heh heh...

I've been having some strange dreams lately. I'm not sure if I want to talk about them, though. They haven't had anything to do with me or anyone in my life, but they've been so bizarre that they're almost embarrassing. I think I need to protect myself from media images for a few days. I have a real tendency to carry them over into my dream life. Am I the only person who has dreams about turning into a zombie, or watching weird programs on TV? I have a lot of dreams about strange plants growing in my yard, too; pineapples and marsh grass and huge tropical flowers. And of course, there's the recurring dream about having to drive on a highway floating in pieces in the middle of the ocean. I figure that either I'm scared to death of drowning, or I played too much Super Mario Kart as a kid ^_^;;.....

Haaa....next time I'm in my dream world, I should take a picture. It's a lot more interesting than real life. Maybe someone out there is looking after me?