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Big. Freaking. Thunderstorm.

Ay, Hartford got it worse but tonight we had the first big freaking thunderstorm of the season. And there might be more tomorrow. ::Hangs out in laundry room with a bucket over head:: Damn thunder, damn lightning, but at least you don't have to shovel after a thunderstorm, right? ;_;

It's warming up around here. I wonder when the peonies are going to bloom?

I'm aiming to finish Tales of Rebirth this weekend. I already finished the part of the final dungeon where you use Eugene's power to break stones and then that annoying part where you use Veigue's power to freeze lava blobs into ice blocks and use them to cross to the other side of a pit. I thought I was sunk on that part but then I realized that each lava blob leaves a yellow aura behind in the air before it dives down, and if you aim at that spot and fire like crazy you'll hit the blob every time! I didn't find that in a FAQ! :P