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Come On Now You Noisy Neighbors!

I don't want to sound like an uptight ninny (though I am one) but what's with the drunken party outside on your lawn after dark? It's a weeknight and you're all over 50! O_O

It was bathroom-scrubbing time again. It's gross if you don't clean it for a week but I think the cleaner I was using was stripping the surface off the bathtub. XD Now that I have new stuff I have no excuse but to clean that filthy mess (not that anyone else would ever do it).

And then there was the laundry, the vacuuming, the dishes and dinner. ::collapses:: I should get my second wind within the next hour.

Not much to report here, except that my missing order of Ruby Tuesday hair came in the mail today. I placed a hair order last week with Restoredoll and they left one of the orders out by mistake. Now that I have it I can stop my sobbing. ^o^ I'm rooting an Obitsu #4 head with the stuff but I can't decide if I should do curls or blunt-cut shoulder length. I was intending to do curls but I always feel nervous about winding the hair around contraptions. Also, I am torn between giving the doll gray eyes or brown. I'm not sure which eye color would look better with red-violet hair. Hrm...

Thanks to a tip I found on a Japanese message board about gem combining (Misty+Muscle=Misty, Gem Upgrade) I managed to make a Misty Diamond for Mao. But for some reason I gave it to Hilda.

I gave Cyglorg's Chambers another try and got booted out after floor 9. O_O I managed the "win the battle using Annie" challenge by controlling her and swatting at the enemies with her clumsy stick. Unfortunately I ran out of time on the "find all your allies" challenge. Fwah....The whole thing was over in twenty minutes, though, so I can't complain.

I've been running around outside the village with the rabbit people to earn gald because the toughest enemies seem to be in certain snowy areas. Fuuu...I hate it when I'm having Mao cast a spell and then a bird dive-bombs him. I hate that more than anything, except when I have to fight big groups of those hot-pink ostriches that swoop around and peck the hell out of everyone.

I want to go back to the auction house. I won an hour-glass last time, tee hee! n_n