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Nature Attack! Part Two!

As if the groundhog weren't enough, there's a nest of baby starlings in one of our gutters. I thought the constant squeaking was crickets but when I was out planting I saw a full-grown black birdie fly over to the gutter with a worm in its beak. It stuck its head in and the squeaking grew louder. It did this a few more times with different kinds of bugs.

I hate starlings. But aw...how sweet! Dad said something about drowning them with a hose but no sir, not while I live and breathe! Can't we wait till they grow up before we drive them out?

What else? I hope that my doll head gets at least one bid but I'm not feeling too optimistic. Still, one has to try. I wish I had a better camera to take auction pictures but if I could afford a new camera I wouldn't be listing that head!

Oh man, I am STUCK! I just beat the King's Shield and witnessed the miserable deaths of Saleh and Touma. Crap, I would've thought Saleh would have had a little more "tee hee hee" left in him! O_O Anyway, I'm at Mt. Sovereign and I'm stuck at the part where you use Annie's power to rain on paths. I figured the first one out all right but I was stuck on the second one for an hour and a half before I gave up and fled. Dammit! That's the first time I've been stuck since that thing with Mao and the arrows! ;_;!

I didn't do too well fighting the King's Shield. I didn't lose to them and everyone finished the battle alive but I didn't have the satisfying feeling of beating the living daylights out of them. Perhaps I'm under-leveled. I'm at level 59 right now, and my party consists of Veigue, Mao (I'm controlling him), Tytree and Hilda. Maybe it's time for me to sub in Annie as a healer but I can't find a way to fit her in. Should I get rid of Hilda or replace Tytree with Eugene? I dunno, but I can't give up Mao, he's the only one I feel comfortable controlling! =_=

I'll probably level up some more and fuse some gems. Gragh. Gragh. GRAGH!

BTW, Militsa's injured cry scares the hell out of me. I wish I had rainbow power, though.


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May. 21st, 2005 12:31 pm (UTC)
I would've thought Saleh would have had a little more "tee hee hee" left in him!

What do you mean by "tee hee hee"? XD Saleh's death was a big "WTF" moment to me...

About the puzzle where you have to use Annie, if you look properly at the TV screen, you can see that the invisible floor has some highlights on it. There's a even a highlight outline. :)
May. 21st, 2005 04:28 pm (UTC)
^o^ Yeah, it was a shocking and gruesome moment! I just thought that for a character that really enjoyed himself throughout the game he would have stayed around a little longer. He's one of those characters that makes you wish they had a full character portrait during the plot scenes because it's weird hearing all that voiced laughter coming out of a little character sprite!

Veigue and the others should have supervised the villains a little better. It would really finish the scene if after they left Militsa went back to killing Walto (or however his name is written in roman letters). Maybe we can consider Saleh and Touma to be like rival gang members who couldn't find peace. ^o^; But really, they could have easily run after Veigue and company and stabbed them instead of each other. Take their weapons, people! :O

Thanks for the tip! I kept making it to the end of the second one and falling off right before the platform. Ugh! Maybe I was tired.
May. 22nd, 2005 09:49 am (UTC)
I still find Saleh's sprite cute, though. Like when he claps or strokes his own hair... *swoon* But yeah, it would 10000x better if he gets, like, an anime portrair like in the skits.
May. 22nd, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC)
I was surprised they did a skit portrait for Agarte! (Well, obviously they had to but that was one picture that was never posted on anyone's website).

If I can recall they didn't post art for Saleh and company on the official TOR page for a while after the game came out. I was surprised to find out that his hair was really purple, because usually with character sprites they give them purple hair if it's really supposed to be black.

I don't have any of the novels but I'm dying to know if they have any new art of the King's Shield (well, just Saleh and Militsa, because if you've seen one picture of the other two you've seen them all!) I hope Inomata-sensei has another Tales artbook published soon! I just got the TOD 1+2/TOE one and she just briefly mentions starting work on TOR. ::bites nails in anticipation::
May. 23rd, 2005 11:47 am (UTC)
I don't have any of the novels but I'm dying to know if they have any new art of the King's Shield

...... Ta-daaaah. :D I bought the 3 Super Dash TOR novels. Currently reading volume 2 and this art is from vol 3. No other Shisei illusts, though. I heard in the Famitsu TOR novel Inomata drew Walto. >_>;

Yeah, I would love Inomata to release another artbook. Rebirth's the only Tales game I really love so I would like artbook with her Rebirth works. *_*
May. 23rd, 2005 05:55 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, thank you! ::saves onto hard drive:: ^__^

Yeah, that Touma is damn sexy!

Is Saleh's eye color different in that picture than it is on the TOR site? He kind of looked like a vampire on the official site but in that picture he looks more like a mortal. ^^;...

I think Walto looks freaking scary, like something out of a horror movie. But he's an elegant bat-man unlike Touma over there, I guess.

I was disappointed there was no Rebirth stuff in that book but the art was lovely just the same. I've only played three of the Tales games (Destiny, Destiny 2 and now Rebirth) and I nearly hated Destiny, liked Destiny 2 a lot (but it had its problems, ehh...) and I like Rebirth a lot too. I have Phantasia and Eternia but I haven't played them yet. All of the games are good in their own way, I'm sure, except for Destiny with its awful encounter rate! I noticed that a lot of people like the Fujishima designs the best but I prefer Inomata's.

May. 23rd, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking the colour scheme is different here because the artist who drew the anime illusts for the novels is hired and isn't the one who worked for the game.

Heh, I pretty much don't favour any of the Tales character designers. I just think that as long as Production IG is doing the anime works, then I'm all fine with the art. 8D
May. 24th, 2005 01:24 am (UTC)
I've never actually played a non-Inomata Tales game, to tell you the truth! I've always liked her art, though. The reason I started playing Tales games is because I liked the character design for Rutee in TOD and bought a doll of her a few years ago. I like the way she draws eyes, most of all. ^^

I wouldn't go crazy if they changed character designers, though. There has to be some variety!
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