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Second of the Day.

I didn't see our furry invader today but I noticed its work. ::pumps shotgun:: Half the leaves on the yellow columbine in the back yard have been bitten off. Why does this have to happen to us every year? Why can't the groundhogs stay out on the lawn in front of the reformatory down the street where they belong?

A few years ago I told someone where I live in my town and they asked me if I felt unsafe living so close to a correctional facility. And I was like "Hell, that's what the building is? I thought it was a convalescent home!"

Well, they have a nice lawn. XD

Anything to add? Uh, I ate a big Grands cinnamon roll tonight. I haven't had dessert in a while and it was gooood! I asked my mother if my father had his blood pressure taken recently and she said he's been doing well. I'm quite impressed that as soon as he found out about his glucose he buckled down and has lost at least ten pounds. I was worried about how good he'd be about it but he hasn't B.S-ed about it or anything. And here I thought I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. Phew! So far so good.

On the book front I just finished reading Watership Down this weekend. I know, another kid's book, but is it really? It was a first-edition copy that belongs to my father and it was all yellowed. ^^;...I was reading that book when I dreamt about the gritty Care Bears. There you have the influence! Anyway, it was a successful scavenge. I liked the book a lot but I wonder how I would have felt about it when I was a kid. I read constantly when I was in elementary school but it was always The Babysitter's Club, Taffy Sinclair or Sweet Valley High. Maybe I wasn't mature enough for the fascist bunnies!