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My Favorite Boy Has A Makeover!

My favorite 1/6 scale boy, that is. ^_^ Here's Kei, Version 2!

I was going to repaint him a while ago but I had him in a box in my closet and when I took him out his hair was screwed up royally. I had to keep him with a plastic sleeve over his head for a few weeks to correct it. I think he's my favorite boy because when I made him it was still next-to-impossible to get most 1/6 scale materials and I really had to go out of my way for him! He actually has a prototype N body--he's that old!

How different does he look? He was an early doll and his face was quite rough.

I've been writing a lot lately. I don't know if the finished product is going to be something I can share with people or keep to myself. The important thing is to keep at it, I suppose.