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La la la...nothing interesting to say.

Today was sunny and the birds were making funny noises outside. I did a little writing. I have no focus but at least I'm enjoying myself. I don't have anything interesting to talk about but I'm almost done with Tales of Rebirth. So, for those of you who are following me (all one of you! ^o^)

Okay, I've been playing this game for 84 hours. I just fought the psycho-Veigue who still couldn't deal with the fact that Claire was in Agarte's body. Umm..if this really were an issue, wouldn't he have failed Shaorune's trial? 6_6

I have enjoyed this game. The battle system is fun and the characters aren't as dumb as they are in most RPGs. BUT! Whoever said this game was more sophisticated or mature than the childish TOD2 was wrong, wrong, WRONG! The first part of the game when you're trying to rescue Claire is engaging but once you're reunited with her (ahem, Agarte) the game dwindles into nothing but visiting and revisiting the same towns over again to stop the annoying locals from being racist! You meet the holy beasts to stop racism but people are still racist and you have to go back and again teach them an important lesson about racism! And these townsfolk have the most irritating recycled voices ever! The only game I own that tops this one in sheer stupidity of plot is Persona 2: Innocent Sin, where you fight aliens and a resurrected Hitler. Namco, I want to know what the hell you were thinking. Why go out of your way to create cute characters like Annie and Mao, tweak the battle and weapon-refining systems to the point that they're actually enjoyable and pair them with the cruddiest excuse for a plot you can find, full of people going "berserk" counting as emotional development and speeches that belong in an episode of Care Bears?!

I have not finished judging this game. I am still enjoying myself and the plot is still not as sloppy as the fun-tastic Star Ocean 2's. It is dangerously close, though!


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May. 14th, 2005 03:24 am (UTC)
But! Don't forget when you find out that Eugene was fighting teh RACISM all along, and he managed to prevent himself from ripping out your party members' throats because of the power of caring and sharing!

Also, Veigue appears to be some sort of idiot savant.
May. 15th, 2005 10:01 pm (UTC)
Yeaaahh...I was so not impressed by the "dark side" of Eugene's character. Watching his shadow going on about how he hated huma and wanted to kick their asses was embarrassing to watch. O_O

Maybe it would have been too risky to make the game really be about racism. The way it's handled here reminds me of Captain Planet.

I still like the game quite a bit in spite of all this. It just feels like not much heart was put into making it.
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