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Ah...Happy New Year ^_^!

For me, the new year started with very little fanfare. I don't care, I'm tired of the holiday season. I just want to relax and live life normally for a change!

When the clock hit twelve a.m. this morning, what was I doing? I was playing Tales of Destiny II. What a freak! Just like last year, except then I was playing Persona 2. No, I don't spend every waking hour playing video games -_-;;....I just happen to play them at night, when most people watch TV. I don't like watching TV that much, unless I'm watching the Music Choice channel. ^__^ Unless I can find some crappy Lifetime movie to turn on, I can't force myself to sit still for that long.

Fuu...looks like I lost part of my message. Somehow. What the hell happened?

I wish I had more to report! I wanted to hook up the printer/copier/scanner and get started on making some SD clothes, but it turns out that it didn't come with a USB cable. Typical, isn't it?