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Oooooh... =_=

I made a spinach lasagna for dinner tonight. It took me an hour to assemble the thing and put it in the oven and as I was cleaning up I found out that the tomatoes had expired last September. O_O It didn't look like there was anything wrong with them but I couldn't ignore the nagging worry that I would poison everyone who ate my cooking. I threw it out. Then I cried. ;_;

I looked all over for the expiration date before I started cooking but I couldn't find it! I thought it was one of those things that didn't expire but Kristen pointed the date out to me after the lasagna had been in the oven for fifteen minutes.

I don't know. They probably would have been okay and maybe someone will laugh at me for being so cautious but I couldn't take that chance. When I dumped that lasagna in the trash I felt like I was murdering my first-born child. Yes, I'm one of those people who feels sorry for inanimate objects, including food. O_O I'm having deja vu to the time I was making cheesecake and didn't put the springform pan on a baking sheet before I put it in the oven. When I picked it up the bottom fell out and the entire thing puked all over the floor!

Today has been such a crappy day. I want to buy some doll hair. I have to restrain myself from emotional spending, unless I want to find myself living in a cardboard box!