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Sunday Flowers.

Today started out dark and ended up sunny. Kristen and I went with our parents to a nursery in North Haven. Our back and front gardens still have a lot of bare patches and now that we called the lawn service in after several years outside is starting to look more like a yard and less like a post-apocalyptic war zone. It's still too early in the season to leave annuals outside and I figured it would be best to pick out some perennials instead. We already have a ton of columbine (my favorite flower) but they had some lemon-yellow ones I'd never seen before and I had no choice but to buy a huge bucket of them. They also had some weird annuals I didn't think you could buy in flats or even plant this time of year, like cosmos. 6_6

They had cockscomb last year. I had been pining for it but they didn't have it this time. I took a night class on Shakespeare in college and I remember one of the older students brought some in once to show my professor. It was a bizarre flower!

I also bought this plant called Evening Primrose that I hear is invasive. I wonder how invasive? As long as it doesn't die I don't care if it overruns the whole yard!

Our sweet flowering almond tree is blooming, cute pink flowers that look like baby-breath. It's barely two feet tall; this is only its second year but I hoped it would grow bigger.

So, now instead of having Claire-who-is-Agarte I have Agarte-who-is-Claire as an NPC in my party. If I were Claire I would hold onto that body but maybe that's because I like blue hair. Anyway, I'm glad to be rid of that stammering fake-Claire.

It's kind of cheap that in spite of being a gajuma Agarte has a human face. I guess she wouldn't be considered beautiful if she had the head of a deer or something? But really, what makes her any different from Hilda? Instead of resorting to doing body-change with Claire she could have had plastic surgery.

Also, why is it that no one has a reaction to Mao being possessed? O_O