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I was trying some of my MSD wigs on Aya (my Obitsu 60cm doll) when I noticed several dark blue smudges on her scalp. That bleeping dark blue wig stained her head! O____O I was able to remove some of the marks with acetone. They aren't in a noticeable place but I'm annoyed. I liked that wig on her and now she can't wear it! =_= I gave her a honey gold wig in the same style. She'll have to be a blonde for now. -_- I didn't think a Volks wig would bleed but I guess anything goes with a vinyl head...

To make matters worse, I've been rooting an Azone #6 head with some Purple Haze hair that Kristen had left over from one of her dolls. I tried to be careful and not waste any of it but I ended up running out when I had ONE INCH of the part left to go. @#$%!!! Now I have to buy an entire two skein order of hair so I can use about 1/8 of a skein to finish my doll. @#$@....O_O...@&*^! I wonder if I'm being punished for something by a higher power. Bad karma's coming to get me.