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I had wanted to write something in here, but I'm not sure why. Things have been pretty hectic at home, and I never liked having a lot of commotion around me. It hasn't been negative commotion, necessarily. I just like my quiet. I know it's strange for someone of my age to like to keep things quiet, but I've always been like that ^__^. That was the thing that made me unhappy with college life! I swear, I'm just like an old lady sometimes.....^_^;;....

What's been happening around here lately? Not much to mention. Even though I promised myself I'd hold back on playing TOD 2 until I learned some more kanji, I broke down and played a little more. One thing I have to say about that game is that I hate the opening theme! The animation is nice, but the song is just bland J-pop. Some people have said that it isn't appropriate for the opening theme to a video game, but I think it's just plain bad. It's practically Muzak! Ugh....-_-;;.....

Also, Loni's in-battle character sprite is hideous! He looks like Jay Leno....O_O...

That game has a LOT of female-oriented fan service. It's pretty funny! I've been shocked and amused by a lot of what Loni says in the screenchats. Sometimes, he seems like Bleed Kaga from Cyber Formula in a different body. I had no idea he was supposed to be THAT kind of character...well....why am I not surprised?

I've only been playing the game for 4 hours (and I've been doing some unnecessary leveling up)and so far, I haven't encountered any characters I want to hit over the head with a blunt object and bury in a landfill (Grandia, anyone?). Rutee is a lot more likeable in the sequel. All of the characters seem a lot less wooden and unnatural than they were in TOD. So....if you like Tri-ace games but hated TOD, and you have a Japanese PS2, buy Tales of Destiny 2! It doesn't suck like its predecessor..tee hee ^_^!

Watched the long-awaited first volume of Utena's Black Rose storyline last night. I wonder when the next one's coming out? That show is just so...freaky! That episode with Nanami and the cowbell was retarded, and Shiori needs to die, but other than that, I enjoyed it. Miki was very forgiving with Kozue after what she did to him, but since I'm a twin I feel like I can't hate either of them. I wonder if it's easier to have a twin of the same gender as you? What a strange series...it does have its very human moments.

::takes a puff of a long, imported cigarette::

On the doll front, not much has been happening. Tomorrow I'm going to fire up the printer/copier/scanner and get to work on some SD clothes. I probably won't be able to do any of that till later at night, but maybe it'll be nice to sew after such a long time.

I finished reading The Lovely Bones. I found that book especially creepy because I've had a lot of dreams about dying and watching over my family, obsessing over the fact that even though I know I'm there, and all right, to them I don't exist any more. I'm sure that wasn't even close to the point of the book, but the finality of death has always frightened me. If someone I loved were to die, I wouldn't only be upset about losing them. The thing that scares me the most is not knowing what would await them after they die. I feel like I'm the kind of person who would never get over the death of a loved one. I've had dreams about all of my family members dying on separate occasions, and it always seems so real. There's always an empty room, still messy from when it was lived in, any someone saying "They're gone, we're just going to have to move on." It's usually my older brother, or my father--the people I have the worst relationships with. I guess my dreams can be some form of masked guilt ^__^;.....but really, I have never been able to find any peace with death. I've had my fair share of pets die, but it's kind of hard to bond with a goldfish! ^_^;;;