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Done So Soon?

Didn't I just get Brahms? Armed with the Dimension Slip I decided to finish with Valkyrie Profile once and for all. Maybe I could've leveled up more but that's boring. It didn't take me too long to find Gabriel Celeste once I figured out how to work the switch on that door. ^o^;...

Gabriel Celeste was incredibly easy. I used a party of Lenneth, Lucio, Meltina and Lezard and took him out in three rounds. I thought it was kind of cheap that he had no character portrait but his blurry face is now in my voice collection gallery. Some people have a hard time telling what gender he is. He has long blond hair and is wearing a dress but he has a man's voice. He's a man!

Iselia Queen was harder. I lost to her once. =_= In the end I swapped Brahms in for Meltina. He dealt the final blow. Most of the time I didn't even bother healing my party. Their hit points were in the single digits at the end, but they gained six levels apiece! *_*

Lezard didn't contribute much but a couple times he lived when everyone else died. At the end of my first attempt to beat the Queen he was the only one standing after everyone else's Angel Curios broke and their Guts failed them. But he couldn't attack and she killed him. But hey, I got a different death quote for him and I was happy.

I can't believe that she and Gabriel Celeste have almost the same exact character sprite. Their portraits were almost identical, too. How incredibly cheap! She did have a female voice, though, and it sounded kind of weird.