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No More Valkyrie Profile.

No, it didn't blow up and I didn't throw it out, I beat it. XD

Now only Seraphic Gate stands before me!

Loki was an easy and unimpressive-looking last boss. I beat him with Lenneth on level 51. My remaining party members (Eimi, Meltina and Lyseria) were in the upper 40s. Meltina got the death blow--Mel gets a cookie! I finished the battles with Bloodbane and Fenrir with Lyseria dead, but in the last battle no one died. Ha!

Fighting Bloodbane was hellish. Not only did he sound like a Japanese version of Ja Rule but I lost to him four times!

The ending was kind of cheesy but satisfactory. Better than the ending of Tales of Destiny, at least! I know a lot of people don't like Lucio but I think that if he hadn't come back at the end of the game it would've been too depressing! The ending FMV like the opening movie looked like crap. Having Lucio come out of nowhere and lunge at Lenneth a la Aragorn at the end of ROTK was pretty funny! Why did the screen go black before they kissed? Was it censored? That still scene of Lenneth kissing Lucio when you send him up to Valhalla was pretty nasty in a PG-13 kind of way. I guess she's a better kisser than he is, hwah ha ha!

I caught the end bit with Brahms and Lezard's monologues. Funny, that was the only time in the game where Lezard's voice didn't sound weird! Maybe it has something to do with the game's sound quality? Anyway, rock on Lezard, I'm waiting for the VP sequel that will never be made!

VP had a lot of characters, huh? It's strange to think that when you start out picking your favorites before you play the game by the time you finish you'll have a completely different impression of them. I think I have a few awards to give out now that I'm finished!

1.Award for Most Hilarious Overacting in a Video Game: Lorenta (Lyseria is awarded second place)

2.Award for the Character I Thought I'd Like But Ended Up Not Giving a Damn About: Lawfer

3.Award for the Character I Didn't Think Much About At First and Ending up Liking: Kashell

4.Award for the Character I Started Off Thinking Was Cute and Ending up Despising: Yumeru

5.Award for the Character I Thought I'd Hate That I Ended up Liking: Gerardo, Lucio

6.Award for the Best Voice Performance in the Game: Lenneth

7.Award for the Most Disappointing Voice Performance in the Game: Loki

8. Award for the Worst Voice Cracking in a Video Game: Lawry

9.Award for the Most Generic Character in the Game: Aluzi

10.Award for the One Character I Never, Ever Used: Ganossa

That's it! All in all I enjoyed this game a lot. The time limit and multiple endings seemed intimidating at first but if you're like me and cheat with a FAQ when the going gets tough it's not too hard. I'd give it an 9/10. I'd subtract a point for the horrible, horrible glitches!


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Mar. 18th, 2005 03:06 am (UTC)
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