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::slurps tea::

My wrist is still bugging me. Even though I don't want to I'm going to lay off knitting and lifting weights for the rest of the week. In spite of my "injury" I managed to do a load of laundry and throw together a half-assed meal. Now I'm going to sit around and drink tea. As I am right-handed I don't think writing will hurt my left arm, so I guess that'll be my main activity for the rest of the night, that and reading Vol. 4 of PSME. And yeah, since I'm reading it in a foreign language that makes it studying!

I keep forgetting to haul my large but politically incorrect Spanish-English dictionary upstairs. No point in ignoring one language for another! For some reason it has "lesbian" listed as a synonym for "deviant," heh heh...a relic from the 1990's.

When I was working on my story I got an idea for another one and started writing that one instead. I hate to paraphrase Michael Jackson, but sometimes you have to be a slave to your own rhythm!

Last night I had a dream that I was in college again and my average for my science class was a 10. I can't say I ever did that badly in science, but pretty damn close! In the dream my advisor warned me that the dean had been notified about the possibility of my being a "special needs" student and I kept screaming "But I got an A+ in Japanese, dammit, an A+ in Japanese!"

If it had been reality I would have cried and managed to squeeze a C+ out of them. Hwah ha ha!

Maybe I should change my name to Hermione Granger.