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No More Pain!

Graaaagh...the burn isn't bothering me much any more but now my left arm is sore as hell from too much rooting and knitting. If I don't cut it out I'm going to give myself tendinitis! I did manage to finish the first sleeve on my SD sweater and do five rows on the second. I want that thing finished by the end of the month. This sweater is for Maya but I really want to make something for Jun or Emilio!

And there's that SH-06 head that I want to root but I can't...stupid pain, I'll have no more of thee!

I could waste time leveling up in VP but dammit, the game keeps freezing! What, do I need HDD in order to handle the ridiculously long CG spell sequences?

We made those veal meatballs in tomato broth for dinner. Mom forced us to. She's always doing that whenever we hit on something she likes! That's fine and all, but then she complains that all her co-workers keep swiping the leftovers she takes for lunch. I'm not cooking for them!


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Mar. 16th, 2005 12:00 pm (UTC)
You've got to take better care of your hands!!
But I understand you, because everything you enjoy doing requires the use of your hands. It happens to me and my eyes: sometimes I know I need to give them a rest, but EVERYTHING I like doing needs eyes: watching video, working atthe computer, Studying Japanese or reading/writing. It sucks. There must be some training/relaxing exercises for those parts of the body we use more often. Then we could find a balance, take care of them, and not have to stop doing our hobbies and chores, don't you think?

Heh, Kitchen Slavery. Fight back, Lauren!!
Mar. 17th, 2005 01:14 am (UTC)
I wish I knew of a way to find balance! I have a bad habit of doing the offending activities the minute the pain lessens, and then it's back again. I'd better be careful, though, because I don't want to get carpal tunnel syndrome!

I overwork my eyes with painting, sewing, knitting, studying, writing and reading so much I'm afraid that if I go to get new glasses they're going to tell me that I'm making myself go blind. Eyestrain causes headaches but how are you supposed to relax if you can't read or watch TV? I heard that in prehistoric times no one had to wear glasses because they had no electricity and once the sun went down they went to sleep rather than straining their eyes with artificial light. Does using your eyes really wear them out that badly? O_O

Unfortunately, if I go on kitchen-strike I'll be forced to eat their cooking! I guess cooking doesn't bother me that much but I hate washing the dishes afterward. -__-
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