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I'm faster than I thought.

I rooted and boil-set the Obitsu #2 head already. I stuck it on an Obitsu soft-bust Slender body. The proportions are the same as the Volks Beauty S body but it looks a little different. I'm not sure if I like the rubberized hands but the joints are much more stable than the regular Volks body's!

The silver/Stacy Titian blend looks nice. I rooted the head for side-parted hair with straight-across bangs. I had wanted to duplicate the silvery cast of Ash Brown with an orangey color and it seems to have been successful. I was worried that after all my anticipation my doll would look like an old lady with gray streaks in her hair. ^_^;

I'll probably paint her next week. I don't know how prone to staining the soft bust bodies are but I usually don't have problems with that if I sew the clothes myself. It's the commercial outfits that have the evil dye. :P

I must get back to work with my sweater!