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Obitsu Slim Male Body is Big!

Well, compared to the Volks Excellent N body it is.

A HLJ order I placed a while ago came in today. Since I couldn't get any male bodies from Frank I decided to give the Obitsu Slim Male body a try. I was shocked and a little dismayed at how different it was from the N body that I had originally wanted. But hey, maybe it's time my boys started looking a little more masculine? It was a perfect fit for the NDR #5 head that I had previously stuck on an N body. Soo...I managed to free up an N body for my purposes and I guess that the beefier Obitsu bodies will be okay for the older-looking dolls. Heh. At least they're a lot sturdier than the Volks bodies! If you hold up one of them to a female Volks or Obitsu body it looks the right size for a man. So what's up with the anorexic Volks N and C bodies? I still would want to use them for a younger male but it's going to be interesting using man bodies that actually look like they belong to men.

I also got two blank Obitsu #4 heads. They aren't the Volks A-type head copies I had anticipated! They look more like the B type head and the defined lips are cute.

It was still pretty cold today. I did some laundry and chased down more ants. I've begun the second side of my SD sweater. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month. Yeah!