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Friday Cupcakes.

Yes, I managed to beat out my slacker nature and make those cupcakes. They're dark chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting and none of the freaks in my house will eat them! Mom refuses because she'll only eat chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Dad doesn't like cupcakes because they're messy and he only likes food you can eat with a knife and fork. As for the rest of them...I can't even speculate. None of them will try anything new. They all suck.

Those cupcakes were mightee, too! I can't wait till tomorrow when I can eat another one (just say no to eating two desserts in one day). Why do they hate chocolate, why do they hate everything that doesn't come out of a box? They're stifling my creativity! No matter how much I like the cupcakes I can't eat a dozen...gragh.

They weren't that hard to make. The worst part was melting the bittersweet chocolate, butter and cocoa powder in a double boiler and Kristen took care of that part. ^___^ I did make the frosting, though! The coffee flavor wasn't strong because I couldn't find the instant espresso the recipe asked for and had to use instant coffee instead. The result tasted more like cafe latte frosting but it was nice with the dark chocolate cupcakes.

I'm making another SD sweater. No, it's not striped! I'm using this pretty light purple yarn that has silver tinsel woven into it. Kristen picked it out for me a looooong time ago when we went to A.C. Moore but I never got around to using it. It's a pain in the a$$ to knit because the tinsel keeps snagging but I will prevail! I'm trying seed stitch instead of rib for the cuffs, neck and bottom of the sweater and it looks nice so far.