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My Brain Hurts.

I'm surprised it hasn't fallen out of my head yet. I was out all day yesterday and made up for it by playing Valkyrie Profile for three hours straight today. Eh..it's the weekend! Anyway, I'm well into Chapter 4 and have started taking the measures to lower my Seal Rating and snag the A ending. I endured the hell of Lezard's Tower and managed to beat his a@@ on level 22 with Lenneth, Kashell, Aluzi and Nanami. I think it's time to give Kashell the boot! The tower was horrible towards the end with the mages, the lightning, the killing and those exploding blobs but I didn't have that bad of a time with Lezard. Setting aside the fact that I broke my @#$-ing Dragon Slayer in the middle of the battle! Hard Mode, I hate you!

Ehh..Lezard's voice sounds weird. I thought he'd sound like a generic Takehito Koyasu character but he sounds like Koyasu trying to impersonate Alan Rickman's Severus Snape. So basically he's Faust from the Shaman King anime minus the German accent. Koyasu + faux-German accent = weird.

I noticed that most of the voice cast listed for the Japanese version of VP on imdb.com is wrong! What the heck, man, who submitted all that? O_O

I have to keep myself away from video games for a few days. They're not keeping me from eating or bathing but I feel like a spore after rotting in my room for half the weekend.

We started making coffee with a french-press last week and it finally tastes the way I want it to! ::throws auto-drip coffee maker out the window::