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Merry Christmas ^o ^!

Okay, I'm a day late, but I haven't had the time to write in this thing ^_^;...holidays are busy, you know. And my back hurts!

Christmas was....nice ^___^. It snowed! A lot, actually...I heard that the weather caused quite a few traffic accidents, but no one I know was involved. ^_^;;....My presents were nice. I picked out most of them myself, but there were a few surprises. My mother bought me the DVD of Lilo and Stitch ^_^. I guess she saw me poking at in Super Stop & Shop! I also received a lot of chocolate, Lindt mostly, but there were also these great little candy balls filled with coconut cream. I had them once in a restaurant, but I've never been able to find them in stores. There were only four in the assortment they came in, but that was good enough!

Kristen gave me two pairs of glass eyes for Miyako, in gray green and green. So far, I've only tried out the gray green ones. They're very pretty! I have a pair of pale blue ones in 22mm for Fuuka, too. They're the loveliest shade of robin's egg blue. She looks a little crazed with them in, because they're pale and the pupils aren't very big, but I love them. I haven't tried putting them in my mouth, though!


Oh, and then there was my PS2. Emphasis on the 2. 2. Two! Oh, god.....=_=......I bought the you-know-what one myself because if I hadn't done it right then I would've had to pay almost $100 more in the long run, and you know....I haven't tried the OTHER because the only game I have for it is Suikoden 3, and I'm not in the mood to play that right now (they cancelled the damn strategy guide!). I'm an idiot, so I was afraid I'd have a hard time hooking up the console, but I pulled it off in under 5 minutes. It was that easy!

I've had it for a day now, and all I can say is...if you're interested in import PSX games, forget the damn mod-chip, save up and buy a damn Japanese PS2! I love that machine! No more screwed-up music, no more disc-swapping. And the memory cards and controllers are compatible with the US version. Hee hee hee....^o^.....I bought Kristen Pop'n Music 5 for Christmas, and we've been playing it non-stop. It's actually better than 2! The songs are very difficult, though...I wonder if we're just going to have to break down eventually and buy a Pop'N Music controller?

And then there's Tales of Destiny 2. I had wanted to hold off on playing it until I have more Japanese under my belt, but I couldn't resist. I played it for about 2 hours. I am very impressed by the amount of voice in that game! o_o The voice-acting saved me, because there was still quite a bit of kanji in the text I haven't learned yet. Fuu...... It's been an enjoyable game so far. ^_^ Kyle's voice actor is decent, even though I've never heard of him before. Thank God! There has been a fair amount of fan service in the game so far, but I guess I was warned. It's almost like Namco didn't think the characters loved each other enough in the previous game (well...the character development did suck) and tried to make up for it with a lot of male/male affection. Tee hee ^o^! I had Judas in my party for a short time. He isn't particularly threatening-looking -_-;;......even if he does have some kind of animal skull on his head.

Meeh.....that's all for now. I visited my grandmother for Christmas Eve and managed to swipe a copy of The Lovely Bones from my aunt (I had her permission!) I had wanted to read that book for a long time....yokatta....It's a good book. Very creepy, but I haven't had any nightmares about being hacked to pieces...yet. So far, so good, right?