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Holy Snow! O_O

They're calling this the Blizzard of '05. That sounds melodramatic to me because it's so quiet outside. I went out to do some preliminary shoveling with Kristen and my younger brother (who cursed the whole time) and it wasn't that bad but there were only three inches on the ground at that point!

I had been wondering what the mysterious Pullip Afternoon that HLJ had listed for preorder looked like, and lo and behold I found a picture in Yahoo!Groups. Not many Pullips have caught my eye lately (except for Sacralita and Fanatica, heh heh heh)but Afternoon is lovely! She reminds me of Nero but Kristen has her, and that leaves me to pine for Afternoon! ^o^ March is a long way off. If I preorder her I'll have plenty of time to cancel if I change my mind.

::scratches a sore spot between shoulder blades::

I might just do some sewing this weekend. Heck, I'm snowed-in! I owe it to Kristen because she's washed the dishes for the past two days and that's my job. Fuummuu...I have to clean out the closet first!