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Move That Shovel.

Yay, there was more snow to shovel today! The sidewalk ended up being my job. That would have been okay if the guy who drove the snow plow, whom Kristen refers to as Methuselah because the name just plain fits, hadn't dumped every scrap from the street onto the walk, covering everything in a foot of hard, icy snow boulders. Thanks a lot, a@@hole. :P

I actually managed to do it, though! I feel so rugged now. My sidewalk is now safe for school children. Maybe the old me wouldn't have been able to accomplish such a thing, but now....::flexes:: We'll see how I feel in the morning.

I finished rooting that Obitsu #2 head but there's no body in sight for the poor boy. I'm going to have to wait a while before I can afford one, but in the meantime I have plenty of things to keep me occupied in my spare moments. That's right, I'm writing a story. O_O

I haven't actually started writing it yet. I've been jotting down random ideas that come to my head now that the characters and story are becoming more defined. A lot of ideas can come to you while you're shoveling snow as well as when you're taking a shower. ^o^ Conversations have a tendency to pop into my head at the strangest moments, but I feel ridiculous writing down every one of them. Can't I remember any of this stuff myself?

Last night Kristen and I tried this creme brulee with red berries that we bought at Trader Joe's. I hadn't expected it taste like much but it was really freaking good! They only came two in a box. I want some more!