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Sleeeeepy Day.

Ay, I slept extra late today. Stupid! :D Mom and Dad unfortunately had to go into work last night and I took advantage of the situation in the most juvenile manner by watching Eyes Wide Shut on TV in the living room. And let me tell you, that movie sucks. It was boring and a complete waste of time. There goes one of the mysteries of my childhood, bye bye!

I'm going to see if I can't get started on my gingerbread house tomorrow. I already have ONE milk carton and a pastry bag kit. The biggest problem for me is making the icing but I think if I get some meringue powder and confectioners sugar that should be it. ^___^

I'm still playing Tales of Destiny 2. For the life of me I cannot do well at the Battle Tournament. I think it's time I kept Judas's skinny a@@ out of it! It hurts to see him have the life beaten out of him in five seconds flat. Never even had a chance...

I cleaned my room thoroughly last night after watching some home-improvement show where the hosts basically stripped every room down to a few pieces of furniture and painted everything white. Hrm...they say less is more but I have a problem with places that have no personal touches whatsoever. Nobody likes clutter, especially when you have guests, but I think houses should say something personal about the people who live in them, too. As long as you take care of your possessions and keep them clean and arranged neatly, who cares if you have too many books or pet toys?

This is my materialistic side speaking. I don't understand people who just consider their house an attractive rest stop between work and social events. I can't be the kind of person who just uses their bedroom to sleep. =_=


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Dec. 12th, 2004 04:04 am (UTC)
I absolutely love gingerbread houses :) I've never really made a cool one from scratch, I've just made several mini ones from a box kit. Maybe I'll try this year... I hope you'll post a picture though :)
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