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I Hate Albedo Piazzolla.

I'm about 50 hours into Xenosaga: Episode 1 and I've come to this realization. Albedo must've been part of an experiment to make the most obnoxious villain ever. Whenever he shows up I have the urge to hit the mute button on my TV. Every time he bursts into his spasms of hideous laughter Kristen and I start to eye each other nervously. I worry that the police are going to come knocking on the door. Who ever told Monolith it was a good idea to make a character like that? He's the only video game character I've found that's managed to out-crazy Tatsuya Sudou of Persona 2. He's not hot at all!

So my list of Xenosaga characters I'd like to kick down a flight of stairs consists of Albedo, Shion and M.O.M.O. The rest of 'em can live a little longer.