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Yep, Kristen beat Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and in spite of her efforts to pair Fate with Arbel, ended up with Adddlllaaaaaiiiiiii.....I guess it'll be my job to get the Fate/Arbel ending. When I get around to playing, I'm going to try for Arbel as my fifth party member and Souffle as my sixth. I'll poison Adlai and Souffle with lots of "love potions" if I have to in order to keep them away! If the order of the endings was anything indicative, if she hadn't been playing the Director's Cut she could've had the Fate/Arbel ending, but I think maybe her love points with Mirage were too high as well. Hrmph. I can't stand Fate either but since he's the main character I have to keep him from ending up with that little twit Sophia!

It was nice and cool today. I should be able to pick some more tomatoes tomorrow. I would eat some in a salad but I have this brutal sore in my mouth and acidic food hurts it. ;_;

It's taking me a long time to finish that salmon-pink head I'm rooting. I'm just not feeling motivated to do anything like that. o_o I've already studied Japanese for tonight, so maybe I'll play Xenosaga.