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Oh. My. God.

So I was outside watering the plants tonight and I saw the shadow of something lurking behind me on the driveway. I thought vaguely that it might be the cat, but I stumbled backwards into a HUGE FREAKING DOG!</u>

Having suffered a traumatic childhood of being chased and bitten by neighborhood dogs, I screamed like an idiot. The dog jumped back, apparently just as startled. I think it was a German Shepherd. It didn't appear to have a collar, but it was well-groomed and I swear I've seen someone walking it down our street before.

I screamed some more and ran into the house. The dog kind of tried to follow, but at a leisurely doggy-trot.

I was going to tell Kristen about how a dog was in our yard and came after me, but then I thought to myself that it seemed like a nice dog after all and I started to worry. I've always been a little afraid of dogs (if you can't tell) but I thought to myself "What if it gets hit by a car?" Poor doggy. I searched the yard for it and spied it walking down the sidewalk. I got its attention but it wouldn't come over. ;_; I'm such a idiot. If I hadn't freaked out maybe I could have kept the dog out of trouble until its owner found it. =_= I hope it's okay! Finding someone else's cat in your yard is one thing but a dog is another. Poor puppy.