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Hrm...had a looky around....

Apparently, there are some lucky dogs out there who have managed to buy all those Azone Cyber Tricks dolls (the pink-haired Sahra, blue-haired Lycee and yellow-haired Maaya). I hear that if you buy them all Azone gives you some kind of gift. Fuu......I only really like the Sahra, and maybe the Lycee, but I wouldn't mind having any of them! That, and that Love Blitz Lycee. Azone has been released some neat dolls, and HLJ can't get any of them because they're too limited. ::cries:: Oh well, I guess it's better for my budget that way!

Speaking of which, the page that had pics of those Cyber Tricks dolls also had ones of the new Meimei and Amanda. The Amanda is nice enough, but her face paint is the same as the original one's. How's that for disappointing? The Meimei is....surprisingly not cute. Her eyes have no shading in them! It's a pity. I bet the prototype was pretty, but the air-brushed eyeprints of some commercial dolls have started to look flat to me. She has salmon pink hair, though. If she weren't so expensive, she'd be fun to repaint!