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Not the Furnace Again!

U-yup, this morning I woke up to discover that we had no hot water. The furnace crapped out again! This time it wouldn't turn on--this happened to us before during the winter and it turned out to be due to lint build-up but damn was I annoyed!

If furnace maintenance weren't included in our fuel service, I swear we'd be homeless. Thank God we don't have to pay for repairs every time something goes wrong! We complain a lot but it could be worse. The air conditioning could break down...::gulps::

The weather's starting to heat up again. I guess it's a good thing, because otherwise our tomatoes will never ripen.

Kristen's playing Star Ocean 3 in the background. Sophia needs to die. I hate her stupid squeaky voice and her hideous grinning-pumpkin face. Someone should tie her and Fate together to a rocket and fire them into the sun. The only purpose Sophia serves is to make the other characters seem cooler in comparison. ^o^; It's a great stress reliever to see the little bitch get fire-balled to death on the battlefield. It makes losing almost enjoyable. Star Ocean as a series features some truly annoying main characters, but at least the supporting cast makes up for it.

Even though I had a hard time warming up to Maria, who is a bit of a cold fish, I'm starting to have fantasies of her shooting Sophia right between the eyes. Damn it, Maria, if I ever said I didn't love you...

And of course I'm still playing Xenosaga, trudging through the battlefield simulator and leveling up Shion just because I can. Shion is such a Mary-Sue. ::giggles:: Does she always have to act like a perky O.L? Does she have to let the whole world know that she's a Cute Girl With Glasses? O_o

As you can see, I'm in a contrary mood. Really, I've always enjoyed poking fun at the things I like.