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Moving on out.

I didn't think I'd bother, but in light of everything that's been going on I've decided to move my blog over to leene-chan.dreamwidth.org. Even though the odds of anything happening to this blog are pretty slim, the consequences for me at least would be devastating. I don't want to lose over a decade of memories, especially not my chronicles of Lucas' early days in our home. So, off I go, lol....

My First Nendoroid.


I suppose that showing my Clear Nendoroid without his gas mask is a spoiler, but he arrived with this face plate so it stays! I had to change his right arm to hold his umbrella. I can't remember if Clear is right or left handed...

He also comes with a gas mask face plate and another with a distressed expression. Clear is pretty cute, but I don't know why his scarf is lime green. It's supposed to be yellow!

The Koujaku Nendoroid is also nice-looking, but I'm not head-over-heels in love with his character and now that they jacked up the EMS shipping rates I really have to be selective with my purchases. I guess Orange Rouge isn't planning on doing Mink or Ren, huh...

Marianne Love.

Rugosa Alba.

Blanche de Belgique, 2016.


First flower!

Ninth Cat.


Here's a really bad picture of Lucas approaching his ninth year. He has Petromalt all over his chin, poor Boo!

A Better Shot of the Shelf.


This is only about half of the collection. The shop was having a sale last week and we got some much larger pieces, including a gorgeous Fenton Cranberry Hobnail Glass lamp. I feel like I need these objects to create little healing spaces in the house. See how they sparkle?

Queen of the Garden.


Quietness is going strong and still blooming heavily after almost a month. This rose has never given me a moment's trouble. I wish I could get another but I just don't have room...

So many Charlottes!


Probably the only Austin rose we grow that is a reliable shrub rose (we'll see about Lady of Shalott). It makes me happy to see all those sunny, buttercup yellow flowers. She has a nice tea fragrance too.

Bouquet Parfait.


A hybrid musk rose of incomparable beauty with her iridescent pink and white flowers. She almost doesn't look real. She'd be my favorite of the class if not for her paltry rebloom and huge issues with blackspot. Still, she is very vigorous and a-OK in my book.