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"Do cheer up!"

"Do cheer up!"
Originally uploaded by Leenechan
Heaven, I need a hug. I just walked outside to see a groundhog in the middle of devouring all the annual seedlings I've been cultivating for the past six weeks. I tried to save what I could, but the losses were significant. It looks like my dream of a summer of flowers has died in its infancy....I managed to save one pot of cosmos, the California poppies, the old pot of bachelor's buttons, and the pot of sunflowers. Everything else is gone, gone gone. I expect the rest of the sunflowers and cosmos I planted in the front border are going to be gone by tomorrow.

At least I was smart enough to keep my potted vegetable garden on a bench. I'll have tomatoes, basil and hot peppers this year, but not much else.

I know most people have more important issues to deal with, but this really hurts right now!


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Jul. 5th, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC)
I think so too, but sometimes I wonder if depending on people's sympathy is just giving me an opportunity to blow things out of proportion.

Either way, I appreciate your support! :)
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