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Something On the Way...

Our tree peonies are blooming! I went out to take pictures of them today, trying my best to ignore the drunken neighbors who are currently making bird-like screeches and laughing their asses off for no apparent reason. It's a weekday, and not even five o'clock. They're all over the age of 50. O_O

Blue Butterfly is Kristen's baby, so I'll let her post the picture in her blog. As for me, I've got another sexy picture of our cat:

Today he broke his wheely-ball toy into its parts and proceeded to kill each segment separately. I wish I could have snapped a picture of him with the green plastic ball in his mouth, his ears back flat and his pupils all dilated. XD Last night when I was eating dinner he sneaked up behind my chair, grabbed the back of my shirt with his claws and started pulling. Lucas is mostly a good boy, but when he wants attention he's very, very bad.

I love his tiny kitten head and big, fluffy body! :D


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