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Ho....Lucas was a cuddly little marshmallow today. I found him sleeping on the kitchen floor and decided to leave him there but five minutes later he came into the living room squeaking. He tried to jump on my lap and fell off. :O I picked him up off the floor and plopped him on my knees; I heard that Ragdolls aren't good at jumping but it was still kind of pathetic...

He really enjoys laundry basket rides. If Kristen and I sit down with him when he's sleepy, he takes turns on each of our laps before he decides the floor's the best place to be. If he were a girl I'd call him Goldilocks. XD

My younger brother stopped by, without his girlfriend, thank God. He's now officially afraid of Lucas. It's so ridiculous--a 25-year-old man afraid of a kitten! Lucas started rubbing against his legs and he looked very uncomfortable. I guess Lucas heard noises coming from my brother's room and lay down in the hall waiting for him to open the door. Yesterday he actually did make it in there; once we shut him out he started shoving his paws and nose under the door. ^o^;...I told my brother, if you vacuum your room and tuck in all those wires, you can let him in. Now I don't think he wants much of that, though.

He used to yell at closed doors. We managed to stop him from that, but keeping him from hanging out against the doors is another thing. He doesn't do that with my room because I've let him in there for supervised visits. I guess his curiosity is killing him.

But Lucas was actually peaceful today...until dinnertime. He always goes completely crazy for play at night. He has several ways of letting us in on the action.: 1)When you approach him, he'll shrink back like he's terrified of you and rocket out of the room. If you ignore this summons, he'll either 2)do a flying squirrel dive at your legs and stop short of making contact 3)dive at your ankle and wrap his paws around it for a split second, then run away like his ass is on fire 4)hit your foot with his paw and casually walk off 5)sneak up behind you when you're sitting down and bite your elbow or my personal favorite, 6)Halloween Kitty. He slinks towards you like a beaten dog, springs up, arches his back and puffs up like a balloon. He jumps sideways twice and then runs out of the room making a sound vaguely remniscent of human laughter.

He's been doing Halloween Kitty to us three times a day on average, probably because we laugh. Today when I was making dinner he did it to me in the kitchen, then slipped on the linoleum and fell on his ass. XD I tossed the wiffle ball to him, thank God he left me alone. While we were eating he amused himself by beating the crap out his Ikea cat tent. I don't think that was its intended purpose but if it makes him happy...

We count ourselves lucky when he gives us Dinner Theatre. Tonight the fun happened after we finished eating. Lucas started strutting along the dresser in my parents' room, checking himself out in their wall length mirror....growing puffier and puffier by the second. Arching his spine like a bowstring, and making these godawful sounds like he was turning into a gremlin. With every few steps he checked his reflection over his shoulder. I don't know if he thought the reflection in the mirror was another cat, or if he was practicing his Aggressive Cat Pose. But it was very, very funny. I tossed a ball onto the bed for him. He wanted to play ball.

You can tell when he's really into the game you're playing with him. He zooms after the ball with his ears flat like wings and makes Tasmanian Devil noises. Eventually one of us knocks the ball somewhere we can't get it, usually under my parents' bed. I'm used to doing ball recovery with Lucas watching me from under the bed. The worst he's done is try to chew the flashlight in my hand, but this time...this time!

I knew he was under the bed too. I located the wiffle ball caught against the wall and tried to knock it out with my arm, and then....

No, Lucas didn't scratch me (he never has). He didn't bite my arm either. He freaking jumped on my face! He face-huggered me!!! There was no scratching or biting involved, for which I will be eternally grateful. But nonetheless I screamed like an S.O.B. Then I started laughing.

Now I know better than to do ball recovery unless he's out of the room. Jesus Christ!


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Sep. 11th, 2007 05:15 am (UTC)
Lucas is too cute. Really. *laughs at face hug*

One of my kitties is pretty bad at jumping too, though not so bad that she can't jump on a lap. That's pretty bad! lol.
Sep. 13th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
I think at this point my lap's too narrow for him. Either that or we trimmed his claws too short. It's an addiction. ::cackles::
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 12th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
Sure! I just added you back. I noticed that you changed your username but for some reason I didn't realize that I didn't have the new account friended.

I'm happy you find my kitty tales amusing! I've had Lucas for almost six weeks now. He's a little freak and a constant companion. XD
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